The ‘first’ of its kind

The discovery

At the foot of the Dolomites there is a garden with an enormous variety of roses not commonly found elsewhere.
Here, the particular morphology of the land affords them natural protection, so they can grow and develop a host of unique properties.
The Seravella Garden is home to 312 different species of roses, 48 of which are actually unknown.
When our botanists were cataloguing them, they discovered an ancient variety with exceptional properties that belongs to the Rosa gallica (French rose) family and is native to the Prealps.

We decided to call it Rosa Prima™ (‘prima’ means ‘first’ in Italian) to celebrate the pure cosmetic potential of this rose, with its tenacity and wealth of vital substances.
Our Rosa Prima™ dates back to time immemorial, its history spans several centuries and it has a genetic heritage with outstanding cosmetic properties.

Proven efficacy

We tested the efficacy of our Rose Therapy skincare in conjunction with UNIRED (Padua) by conducting: - a panel test on a group of 65 women in the target age range. - an instrumental test to measure the anti-wrinkle and anti-fatigue efficacy of our Eye Contour Cream.


Firmer skin


Glowing skin


Smoother skin


Global anti-aging efficacy

We have created a complex with the embryonic cells of Rosa Prima™ buds that releases all the strength and energy of the plant.

The pure energy of Rosa Prima™

Plants are living beings and have undifferentiated stem cells, making them TOTIPOTENT. This means they are able to reproduce an infinite number of times from a single fragment of plant tissue . We cultured the stem cells of a Rosa Prima™ bud in vitro and obtained a very powerful, standardised and stable plant complex which we were then able to replicate in ideal conditions.

Crop® technology: an innovative, 100% green extraction method
› It allows us to obtain the volumes of the extract we need in safe, stable conditions.
› It preserves the rare qualities of the rose without having to resort to forced cultivation.
It reduces energy, water and soil consumption.
› It is GMO-free and does not use solvents, pesticides, weedkillers or fertilizers.
eedkillers or fertilizers.

A multi-purpose anti-aging “therapy” that uses 100% botanical active ingredients.

It fights all signs of aging thanks to the Rose Therapy Complex; the innovative Rosa Prima™ bud extract acts in synergy with a blend of powerful anti-aging plant extracts.

Rosa Prima™ buds

Satisfy our skin’s most basic needs
Titrated in polysaccharides at 40%, the extract contains an enormous number of micronutrients which provide long-lasting, deep-down hydration.

Dandelion root

Detoxifies, oxygenates and prevents skin aging. (Natural Balance®)
It rids cells of waste and toxins and restores balance and tone.

Snow crocus

A complete anti-aging and anti-wrinkle therapy
Snow crocus stimulates production of collagen and elastin: it firms, smooths , plumps and brightens the skin. Laboratory tests show positive results after just 2 weeks: +115% collagen, +25% elastin.

The Rose Therapy Complex helps restore balance to cells damaged by agents which cause aging and reverses its visible effects: wrinkles, slackness, loss of elasticity, uneven tone and dull-looking skin. Skin is stronger and more protected. Wrinkles are smoothed out, skin gets firmer and the contours of the face are redefined.

Skin looks younger and more radiant.