Wellness fragrances

Inspiredby the natural regenerative power of the Dolomites

The language of nature is universal, it needs no translation and is spoken in all four corners of the globe. It tells of the forces of nature which influence the changing seasons, define the passing of time and fill the world with energy.
There’s a place in the world where this language has taken on truly unique shapes, colours and fragrances.
It’s as if nature has chosen the Dolomites to express its sheer majesty.
We have captured the forces of nature in our wellness fragrances, which impart and trigger powerful and sophisticated feelings.
A range of fragrances that evoke the emotions and scents of the Dolomites.
Slowing down the pace of life and reawakening your senses.

Functional wellness fragrances

Botanical notes have been blended to stimulate neuroreceptors and reawaken the senses, instilling a positive feeling of wellbeing and immersing you in the natural beauty of the Dolomites.

The power of smell

Our sense of smell is the most mysterious yet fascinating of the senses and is the first one to develop as we grow in our mother’s womb. It has a profound effect on our subconscious, it triggers memories, accompanies our experiences and can even alter our mood and make us feel better.

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