A world of sensations

The Dolomites stimulate all our senses: the air is pure and fresh, the water is cool and clear, the soil, rocks and plants captivate us with their variety of textures, colours and scents. Our fragrances are designed to recreate these sensations and restore the balance between mind and body that we experience when we connect with nature. They are created by experienced researchers, scientists and perfumers.

The power of smell

Our sense of smell is the most mysterious yet fascinating of the senses and is the first one to develop as we grow in our mother’s womb. It has a profound effect on our subconscious, it triggers memories, accompanies our experiences and can even alter our mood and make us feel better.

What if a bottled fragrance could transport you to the Dolomites?

Creatingour fragrances

You've got to experience the Dolomites to really understand them because they are in continuous flux, the elements are constantly changing, including the different scents around you.

We explore nature, experiment in our laboratories and commit these unique fragrances to our olfactory memory, transferring them to our perfumes, so every time you close your eyes, you are transported back to the Dolomites.

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