Our team of experts

Our team of cosmetologists, botanists, skin specialists and make-up artists formulate high-performance cosmetic products that bring out everyone’s natural beauty.
Thanks to their highly specialised scientific and phytocosmetic skills, they develop products that make you feel the power, calm and beauty of the Dolomites on your skin.

How Dolomia extracts are made

Plant Extracts Laboratory

Our plants are grown locally in a pristine, natural environment and our laboratory staff monitors their progress, choosing the ones which offer the most interesting possibilities for cosmetic use. It carries out pioneering studies into their potential applications and transforms the plants into active ingredients, using eco-friendly, sustainable and effective extraction processes.
The team is led by Gabriele De Nadai, a graduate in forestry and environmental studies and an experienced botanist.

Skincare Research & Development Laboratory

Our experts carry out innovative, sustainable research into botanical cosmetics in this laboratory.
They work with active ingredients from the Dolomites to formulate exclusive boosters and blends which they then combine to target specific aging issues, with each Dolomia range offering a different solution. They create the ideal conditions to maximise the potential of each active ingredient and ensure that every product offers a real wellbeing experience. They also focus on the sensory appeal of the texture and fragrance of our products.
The team is led by Laura Busata, a cosmetologist and lecturer at the University of Ferrara.

Make-up Research and Development Laboratory

Our make-up specialists use cutting-edge technological research and innovation to create Dolomia products.
They study and blend ingredients, actives and pigments to recreate the light and colour effects of the Dolomites, for products that provide excellent performance regarding coverage, colour and duration, while still prioritising skin tolerability.
Each product is carefully studied and meticulously tested even for very sensitive skin, to create a make-up which enhances natural beauty and radiance while providing highest safety at all times.
The team is headed by Jessica de Prà, a chemistry graduate who is specialised in organic chemistry.

Skincare Specialists

Our skincare specialists develop the best cosmetic skincare routines and recommend the most effective application gestures in order to maximise the action of the precious active ingredients, restoring natural balance and wellbeing to skin.
The skincare specialist team is led by Loretta Bonvicini, a graduate in natural sciences and an expert in skin physiology.


Make-up Artists

Our make-up artists and experts bring their knowledge and vision of the needs of today’s women to Dolomia.
They anticipate new trends and experiment with new effects and looks that are always up to date and in line with Dolomia’s natural philosophy.

Serena Pangallo, creative make-up and colour designer who specialised at the Romeur Academy in Rome, heads up the team.