Phyto Defence+

Protect vulnerable skin and fight photo-aging.

In the PHYTO DEFENCE range, a booster of natural ingredients and the most reliable anti-UV technologies act in synergy to protect the skin from the harmful effects of environmental agents (UVA and UVB rays, smog, thermal stress) by slowing down skin deterioration and aging.

Anti-pollution booster - Dandelion root

This natural shield protects the skin against pollution, it significantly reduces inflammation which can bring on premature aging and enhances the skin’s natural glow. It is a key element of all Dolomia Skincare formulas to boost their action.

Antioxidant booster - Red fir

The bark of the red fir tree has antioxidant properties, protecting the skin against inflammation and preventing the formation of free radicals. It boosts the efficacy of the protective treatments in the Phyto Defence range.