Feel the power of nature on your skin

Our make-up and skincare products contain natural ingredients from the Dolomites with highly beneficial properties.

They are formulated to convey the power, purity and tranquillity of this unspoiled natural habitat, enhancing natural beauty.


Our skincare fights the negative effects stress, pollution and aging can have on our skin, helping skin getting stronger.

Natural cosmetics

Dolomia Skincare ‘trains’ the skin to become stronger and fight aging, which is often accelerated by pollution and stress. Its blend of natural ingredients works in synergy for targeted, effective results.

Dolomia restores balance, strength and radiance to skin. Each product is an exclusive wellbeing experience, with luxurious textures and fragrances that evoke the scents of the Dolomites.


Natural Balance®

Natural Balance® is our exclusive method that helps prevent skin aging, protecting against environmental (UV, smog, blue light from electronic devices), emotional (stress, worries) and physiological pollution. It works deep down in the cells, detoxifying then oxygenating the tissues. This gentle but constant process stimulates cell self-regeneration.

Thanks to Natural Balance®, the skin is able to protect and repair itself.

Our treatments work in synergy with the skin’s biological rhythm for effective, long-lasting results.

Proven wellbeing

We conducted a ground-breaking neuromarketing study which showed that using Dolomia plant-based cosmetics generates both a physical and psychological feeling of wellbeing and pleasure*. The stronger the sensory gratification of the product, the greater its positive influence on our psyche, and this has a beneficial effect on our skin.

*Study conducted in 2020 by TSW and UNIRED.


Our treatment make-up combines highest dermatological safety with excellent performance and skin care benefits.

Treatment make-up

We take the light and colours of the Dolomites and transform them into beautiful make-up, for a flawless, radiant complexion that enhances natural beauty.
Our make-up products are formulated using the finest technologies, functional active ingredients, plant extracts and Dolomite crystals.
They promote a feeling of wellbeing and protect the skin against everyday aggressors like dehydration, stress and smog.

Dermatologically safe

All our make-up products are formulated for sensitive skin and eyes.

They do not contain ingredients which can irritate or sensitise the skin, perfumes or allergens and we choose the most widely tolerated preservatives. Every product is tested for parabens and heavy metals.

We indicate the tolerance levels on all our make-up, so you can choose the product that best suits your skin. For sensitive, very sensitive or even intolerant skin.