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Zoom Absolute Rich Antiage Cream
Zoom Absolute Rich Antiage Cream

Absolute Rich Antiage Cream

A multi-purpose treatment that fights all visible signs of aging. Rich, melt-in texture.
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For all skin types. Ideal for even the driest, most demanding and mature skin in need of intensive treatment. Recommended at night and during the colder months of the year; can also be used with Absolute Antiage Serum.


This rich, velvety cream works in the very heart of the cells, minimising all visible signs of aging. Its secret lies in the embryonic cells of Rosa Prima® buds and an ultra-sensory texture. The cream restores balance and strength to cells, reactivates processes to rejuvenate the skin and fights all visible signs of aging, like wrinkles, slackness and loss of elasticity. It is particularly effective when used with Absolute Antiage Serum.
Size: 50 ML


Free from silicones and mineral oils.
Paraben and nickel tested*
*Parabens < 0.0001% (1ppm)


Active Ingredients

Rose Therapy complex: Rosa Prima™ buds, Dandelion root and Snow crocus: 100% botanical active ingredients for a global anti-aging action.

Sustainability and Recycling

Sustainability drives all our choices when developing our products, including the packaging we use.
Make it your priority too, by following these simple instructions:
The jar is made of glass, so you can put it in the glass recycling container to give it a new life.
The seal is foil, so it goes in the aluminium recycling container.
All the other parts are made of plastic, so they go in the plastic recycling container.
The cardboard used in the packaging is 100% recycled, so you can put it in the paper container.
Always check the recycling rules in your local area.

How to apply

Apply morning and evening to the face after cleansing with long, smoothing strokes.



Warm a small amount of Absolute Rich Antiage Cream. Apply it to your cheeks, forehead and chin then spread over the whole face with long, smoothing movements.


Draw 3 imaginary lines from the centre of the face to its outer contours.
1. From the centre of the chin following the lower jaw up to the ear lobe.
2. From the tip of the nose following the cheekbone to the top of the ear.
3. From the centre of the forehead to the temples.


Absolute Rich Antiage Cream can also be used on the neck and neckline. Warm a small amount of cream between your fingertips and apply with gentle, caressing strokes, alternating your hands. Start from the left side of your neckline and glide your right hand up the right side of the neck to the edge of the jawline. Repeat this with your left hand on the right side. Repeat three times.


With the fingertips of your two middle fingers, press down gently, starting from the nose and working towards the temples, following the cheekbone. Repeat three times. This movement improves lymphatic drainage, detoxes and encourages skin oxygenation.
Define your face contours using a squeezing movement. Hold the bottom of your chin between your thumb and index finger of each hand and slide them at the same time along the lower jaw to the ear lobe. Repeat six times.

Rosa Prima™ buds

Discovered in the Dolomia Rose Garden, Rosa Prima™ is an ancient variety of rose with exceptional cosmetic properties. We used an innovative, 100% green method to extract a powerful plant complex from the embryonic cells of its buds. Rich in micronutrients, it provides long-lasting, deep-down hydration and satisfies our skin’s most basic needs, working in the very heart of the cells to make skin younger-looking and stronger.

Dandelion root and Snow crocus

These two ingredients work in synergy to boost the cream’s anti-aging action: the dandelion root continuously detoxifies and oxygenates the skin, restoring balance to cells, while the snow crocus stimulates production of collagen and elastin. In just two weeks: +115% collagen*, +25% elastin* for firm, smooth, plumped and radiant skin.
*In vivo test.

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