Linfa Detox

Detoxifies, oxygenates and hydrates deep down.

Linfa Detox

Linfa Detox skincare unlocks a stronger, more vital and plump skin, addressing two of the skin’s basic needs:
1. cyclical detox and oxygenation
2. deep-down hydration
The skincare products contain up to 97% ingredients of natural origin and are the ideal solution for skin that is vulnerable to external stressors and emotional stress.








Detoxifies and oxygenates

The Natural Balance® method rids your skin cells of waste and toxins, restores their balance and reactivates oxygenation.

Deep-down hydration

The natural molecules in the Linfa Detox formulas penetrate deep into the skin, they control moisture loss and boost hydration, with an effect similar to that of hyaluronic acid.

Alpine skullcap

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Our Alpine skullcap

Alpine skullcap, a flower native to our mountains with remarkable beneficial properties, is grown in our alpine garden in Livinallongo di Col di Lana, a small village in the Northern Dolomites.

Our research has shown that this special alpine plant contains a high concentration of antioxidant active ingredients due to its extraordinary resilience and its ability to retain water.


A study conducted to compare an Alpine skullcap extract on the market with our extract showed that our Dolomite species, together with its special extraction method, produces an active ingredient with a higher concentration of antioxidants.


We employ biotechnology, which uses sugars as both solvents and ingredients, to produce our phytocomplex: this makes it possible to reduce the production stages and to obtain a purer, more skin-friendly and titrated concentrate.

The phytocomplex

A blend of 3 plant ingredients which work in synergy to promote the skin's essential cycles: DETOXIFICATION, OXYGENATION, HYDRATION.

Alpineskullcap extract

Phytocomplex, from our own cultivation, extracted using a green biotechnological process, titrated in antioxidant-rich phenols and flavonoids.

It helps skin look more healthy, relaxed and radiant.

Multi-mineral blend

A blend of three minerals - zinc, copper and magnesium - involved in cell metabolism which are essential for skin oxygenation and balance.

+14% oxygenated skin after 30 minutes*

*In vivo testing using a radiometer on 22 volunteers with stressed skin

Dandelion root

It rids cells of waste and toxins and restores balance and tone thanks to its detox, oxygenating and anti-aging action.

Let the energy flow over your skin

Experience the invigorating energy of the Dolomites on your skin. The sheer textures and crisp, ozonic fragrances of Linfa Detox will transport you to a world of cool mountain streams, majestic conifers, resilient minerals, mighty glaciers and native Dolomite flowers.