The light and colours of the Dolomites are captured in make-up that enhances your beauty, improves the quality of your skin and respects even the most sensitive skin.

Enhance your true beauty

We believe in make-up that enhances the natural beauty of every woman, choosing refined colours and effects for a flawless finish. Our products are made with exclusive and innovative pigments and molecules to ensure they blend effortlessly into the skin.

The light, colours, plants and minerals we find in nature are concentrated in our make-up and then released onto your skin, enhancing your natural beauty rather than covering it.

Discover the look

Discover the look

Choose a product for glowing, radiant skin


Enhance your natural beauty with the power of nature



Beauty that is good for you

Dolomia make-up is the only make-up range enriched with plant extracts and minerals from the Dolomites, for an exclusive synergy between plant extracts and minerals.

Our formulas contain functional active ingredients with hydrating, purifying and anti-aging properties.

Our make-up becomes the last step of your skincare routine because it works in synergy with your usual skincare products to improve skin texture and restore wellbeing to the skin.

For all skin types

All our make-up is dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and its level of tolerance assessed. It is suitable for intolerant skin, as well as all types of normal skin that are looking for extra care and attention.


Natural effect


Make-up that doesn’t cover but enhances your beauty

You are naturally beautiful, but sometimes you forget it due to stress, pollution and a busy live.

Reveal your natural radiance with the light and colours of the Dolomites and restore wellbeing to your skin with active ingredients that hydrate and protect.


Alpenglow, our source of inspiration

At dawn and dusk, when the sunlight steals over the rocks, the Dolomites become a truly breathtaking natural wonder. This phenomenon is called Alpenglow and can only be experienced here. Our make-up is inspired by this magical, pure light that enhances every woman’s natural beauty.