This is a story about gratitude, faith and science.

Gratitude to nature, faith in a ground-breaking vision and years of studying, experimenting and applying science. A story of how nature and beauty merge into one. This story began forty years ago in the Belluno Dolomites, not only the beautiful natural setting for this narrative but also the inspiration and essence of Dolomia.

The origins of Dolomia

The idea for Dolomia came from a pharmacist and scholar of Dolomite medicinal plants from Belluno when he came across the Codex Bellunensis, a herbal from the 1400s which is kept in the British Library in London. This discovery fuelled his passion, spurring him on to formulate cosmetic and therapeutic remedies using his native plants and flowers.

The young pharmacist’s love for his mountains and their biodiversity did not stop here - he wanted to experience them firsthand. So he began exploring, joined by a friend who was naturally very forward - thinking. Together they climbed mountains and explored the inhospitable terrain, sharing backpacks, ideas, pure air, bottles and visions of the future.

“We knew all about the regenerative powers and the emotions the Dolomites could evoke in you. We wondered how we could bring that beauty and wellbeing into people’s everyday lives. We promised to do everything within our power to make it happen. And so Dolomia was created.”

Dolomia grows

An idea needs expertise and input to grow. Soon the pair was joined by a prominent cosmetologist and university lecturer and a pharmacist with a flair for business.

The Dolomia project was beginning to take shape.

Research and development continued apace and the first working partnerships with universities and international institutes were established.

The team and its expertise grew.

Dolomia today

The dream of being able to experience the beauty and benefits of nature has become reality.
Dolomia lights up your skin and your life with the colours of the Dolomites.
Skin is given renewed energy thanks to the purity of its waters, the resilience of its plants and the revitalising power of its minerals.
Dolomia restores your skin’s true beauty, its untarnished, original purity.