The Earth is our home

Read what we do to fight climate change and improve the health of our planet.

Keeping environmental impact under control with EPD certification

We identify and measure the impact our products have on the environment on a continuous basis, thanks to EPD certification which enables us to monitor the entire life cycle of our products, from the initial concept to disposal.

We were the first company in the cosmetics sector to obtain this certification and will continue to do so, as it is a very tangible way of protecting the environment through the decisions we make.

Our carbon neutral promise

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main gas that causes global warming, so reducing CO2 emissions is essential for the health of our planet.
We have teamed up with our sustainability partner Rete Clima to achieve zero emissions: for every ton of CO2 or any other greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere for the production of our skincare range, we remove the same quantity from the atmosphere. This means we don’t contribute to global warming: a further endorsement of Dolomia’s love for our planet.

Packaging that is kind to nature, just as kind as nature has always been to us.

100% recycled and recyclable packaging

Glass from recycled dark bottles which reduces our carbon footprint by 17%

Tubes, caps and bottles made of post-consumer plastic

New boxes made with one of the finest natural cardboards in the world, 50% from renewable sources

Projects we support to protect the Dolomites and their biodiversity

The Seravella rose garden - beauty, inspiration and research

We are actively involved in the promotion and maintenance of the rose garden at Seravella, located at the foot of the Belluno Dolomites National Park.

We helped identify and catalogue the roses in the garden, so everyone can enjoy this important floral legacy. Seravella presents a wealth of biodiversity and its scents and colours make it a truly magical place. During our work there, we discovered, studied and were able to protect a previously unknown variety of rose, the Rosa Prima™, the key ingredient in our Rose Therapy range.


The Narcissus meadows, the ‘White Prince’ of the Dolomites

The preservation of biodiversity is fundamental to ensure the balance of nature, so we support a project to protect the meadows where the Narcissus, also called the ‘White Prince’ of the Dolomites, grows.

The survival of these meadows is threatened by a plant called veratrum, wild animals and the abandonment of traditional grass cutting methods. We are actively involved in protecting them from these threats.
The next phase of the project will take these actions to the next level, reintroducing other traditional practices and extending the project to other areas in the Prealps to raise awareness of just how important the respect and protection of nature is in our lives, both as a company and people.

By protecting insect pollinators, we protect biodiversity

Insect pollinators are essential for plant reproduction and,therefore, for the survival of living beings and the wellbeing of our planet. But their existence is threatened by the gradual loss of natural environments, pollution and
excessive use of chemicals in farming.

We are doing everything we can to develop and support projects to help pollinators and secure a safe future for them.

Save the pollinators

We have teamed up with the Belluno Dolomites National Park on the project ‘Save the pollinators’,whose aim is to study and protect these insects.

We have installed five bug hotels in strategic points in the Belluno Dolomites National Park.

If we want to leave a “better world” for our children, we have to start with them, so we are taking our project into the schools.

Dolomia for the Bees

We have launched a project called “Dolomia for the Bees”, so we can study these precious insects and provide them with the conditions they need to survive and reproduce.