Flora Lift

The regenerating force of nature

Flora Lift

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This powerful, concentrated blend of botanical actives produces a natural lifting effect, smoothing features, firming facial contours and stimulating the skin’s
self-regeneration process. The different textures are formulated to melt effortlessly into the skin, improving radiance and leaving even the driest, most demanding skin feeling soft and smooth. The fragrance, created by the Dolomia perfumers, has subtle floral notes that will transport you to an Alpine meadow in full

Proven efficacy

We tested the efficacy of our Flora Lift skincare in collaboration with UNIRED (Padua) by conducting: - a panel test on a group of 40 women in the target age range - an instrumental test to measure its firming and smoothing efficacy


Smoother skin


More toned skin


More radiant skin

The power of nature in the Dolomites

Our research harnesses the potential of the Dolomite plants, producing cosmetics that fight premature aging caused by pollution and stress.

Our Alpine rose extract

Alpine rose is the most resilient plant to grow on the upper slopes of the Alps. It is a beautiful, wild shrub known for its vibrant colour and tenacity. It grows on rocky crags at altitudes of over 1500 m and can withstand the harshest conditions. Our Plant Extracts Laboratory has obtained a unique, pure and sustainable extract with a high concentration of vital substances from the leaves of the Alpine rose.


Its high-altitude habitat has made it rich in vital antioxidant substances with anti-aging properties.


To make the extract, we use leaves - the part of the plant with the most molecules - which are collected when mountain paths are cleared.


Sugars are used both as ingredients and carriersin the extraction process, reducing the number of stages in the process and giving us a purer, more skin-friendly and titrated concentrate.

The Flora Lift plant complex

A unique complex combining our Alpine rose leaf extract and a blend of powerful anti-aging plant extracts.

Alpine rose leaves

A powerhouse of antioxidants

The Alpine rose fights free radicals and prevents deterioration of the skin’s proteins (collagen, elastin) caused by light, UVA rays and

Cornflower extract

Triple action: natural lifting, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect

Supports skin tissues:
+ 13% fibroblasts*

Stimulates skin tone:
+ 21% type 1 collagen*
+ 29% type 3 collagen*
+ 28% glycosaminoglycans*

Helps increase skin density:
+ 20% keratinocytes*

*In vitro testing on the extract

Dandelion root

Detoxifies, oxygenates and prevents skin aging (Natural Balance®)

It rids cells of waste and toxins and restores balance and tone.

- 61% damage caused by pollution**

**In vitro testing on raw material

Dolomia continues to lead research into botanical cosmetics, focusing on the impact external factors such as stress and pollution can have on our skin. It develops powerful new formulas for skin showing signs of aging, which are even more effective in fighting premature skin aging and protecting fragile skin.