Botanical Fit

Tones, renews and hydrates deep down.

The products in the BOTANICAL FIT range contain an exclusive blend of four extracts selected and patented by our laboratory. It boosts hydration and repairs the skin, so it looks firm, supple and silky.

Anti-pollution booster - Dandelion root

This natural shield protects the skin against pollution, it significantly reduces inflammation which can bring on premature aging and enhances the skin’s natural glow. It is a key element of all Dolomia Skincare formulas to boost their action.

Synergy 46-12® toning booster

Lemon balm, Hawthorn, Rose hip and Elder. An exclusive blend of four Dolomite plants, each with unique properties, that act in a synergic and complementary manner to convey their antioxidant, toning and revitalising properties.

Synergy 46-12® is named after the geographic coordinates of our plant extracts laboratory.