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A revitalising fragrance that captures the spectacular light effects of the Dolomite mountains.
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Experience the magical atmosphere of the peaks at dawn and dusk: a shimmering celebration of colours and emotions. The fresh, contemporary scent of Icy Rose emerges from the middle notes, releasing revitalising energy.

Size: Pocket size: 50 ml


Free from silicones and mineral oils.

18 M

Active Ingredients

TOP > Bergamot, Pink pepper, Redcurrant, Lemon
MIDDLE > Distilled rose, Magnolia, Violet
BASE > Cedar wood, Vanilla, Musk

Made with plant-based alcohol and water.



Sustainability and Recycling

Sustainability drives all our choices when developing our products, including the packaging we use.
Make it your priority too, by following these simple instructions:
The bottle is made of glass, so you can put it in the glass recycling container to give it a new life.
The cap is made of wood, so it goes in the wood recycling container.
The cardboard used in the packaging is 100% recycled, so you can put it in the paper container.
Always check the recycling rules in your local area.

How to apply

Spray this light fragrance over your whole body and let the cool, refreshing notes of Icy Rose transport you to the magical light of the Dolomite sunset. Does not stain clothes.

The magical light that tinges the Dolomites at dawn and dusk. The warm, pink glow that can only be seen on the highest summits, thanks to the unique and extraordinary composition of the dolomite rock which reflects the sun’s soft light.
Enrosadira opens with spicy, sparkling notes of pink pepper and bergamot, for a boost of freshness and energy. It closes with creamy vanilla, perfectly blended with cedar wood and musk. The real protagonist of this fragrance, however, is the Icy Rose which is distilled in icy water and emerges in the middle notes. A fresh, contemporary scent which releases revitalising energy.

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