Phyto Detox

Hydrates, energises and fights premature skin aging.

In the PHYTO DETOX range, Dolomite minerals and technological plant extracts act in synergy to energise the skin. They stimulate cell vitality and ensure water reserves are kept at optimal levels for radiant, healthy-looking and firm skin.

Anti-pollution booster - Dandelion root

This natural shield protects the skin against pollution, it significantly reduces inflammation which can bring on premature aging and enhances the skin’s natural glow. It is a key element of all Dolomia Skincare formulas to boost their action.

Energising booster - Multi-mineral blend

This blend of mineral active ingredients (zinc, copper and magnesium) has energising and antioxidant properties. It gives cells a powerful oxygen boost to prevent skin aging. It also reinforces the detoxifying action of the products in the Phyto Detox range.